What is the Healthiest Brand of Coffee?

When it comes to finding the healthiest brand of coffee, Blue Bottle Coffee is a great option. Established in Oakland, California in 2002, Blue Bottle Coffee has worked hard to create a sustainable supply chain that ensures their coffee is always fresh and full of flavor. They offer a variety of blends, including Finca Nueva Esperanza, which comes in regular, decaffeinated, and roasted espresso varieties. Each blend is priced at 7.95€.

They also offer an entry box that contains four sachets of each blend for 15£. Another great option for those looking for a healthy coffee is Ancient + Brave's Collagen Coffee. This organic roast from Santos in Brazil is blended with collagen peptides for the skin, ashwagandha to improve stress resistance, raw cacao, baobab and chicory root. Thanks to chicory root, each serving provides 3 g of fiber, along with 3 g of type 1 collagen protein.

While this coffee may not have the same depth of flavor as some other brands, it does offer supplemental benefits like antioxidants, fiber and polyphenols. Ancient + Brave Collagen Coffee is priced at 23.99€.Cheerful Buddha also offers a CBD-infused ground coffee that comes in regular and decaffeinated varieties. The Colombian blend of Arabica is infused with CBD and can be prepared in a coffee shop or at home. While it's hard to know if CBD infusions have any effect or not, many people don't experience any characteristic signs of caffeine overload after drinking this coffee.

Cheerful Buddha CBD-infused ground coffee is priced at 11.95€ for regular and 17.95€ for decaffeinated. Organic coffees are also a great option for those looking for a healthy cup of joe. LifeBoost is a Canadian coffee company that has been buying, roasting, preparing and selling only 100% organic coffee beans since 2003. They use a unique combination of beans and a specially designed roasting process to create their blends. Death Wish Coffee is another great organic option that contains a lot of caffeine thanks to Arabica and Robusta beans from India and Peru. Robusta blond coffee has the highest amount of antioxidants, followed closely by blond coffee and then medium-roasted Arabica coffee. Nitro coffee is also becoming increasingly popular as it's infused with nitrogen gas and served from a tap, giving it a frothy texture, less acidity and natural sweetness. Kicking Horse roasts are also worth checking out as they are powerful and committed to serving excellent coffee.

Blue Bottle Coffee Home Blend Bright whole grain coffee is sustainably obtained in Uganda and Ethiopia and is lightly roasted to preserve the fruity flavor of the beans. It comes in 1-pound or 2.2-pound bags of whole-grain coffee and can be used in a variety of preparation methods.

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