The Benefits of Quitting Coffee: Lower Blood Pressure and More

Caffeine has been linked to an increase in blood pressure, and reducing your intake of it can help you avoid this rise and the potential complications that come with it. But quitting coffee can bring about more than just a decrease in blood pressure. There are many other benefits to kicking the habit, from improved digestion to better mental health. When it comes to blood pressure, caffeine has been shown to raise levels due to its stimulating effect on the nervous system.

This is why avoiding caffeine can be beneficial for your blood pressure. Additionally, many bottled coffees, teas, energy drinks, and soft drinks contain preservatives that can further increase your blood pressure. Quitting coffee can also help you save time. Many people find themselves spending hours queuing at coffee shops, going to the break room, and stopping at convenience stores for their daily fix.

By cutting out coffee, you can free up this time for more productive activities. Your teeth will also benefit from quitting coffee. Coffee and tea can stain teeth, while sweet or carbonated energy drinks with 26% acid can erode tooth enamel and cause tooth decay. Furthermore, if you take a multivitamin with your morning cup of coffee, caffeine may prevent you from getting the full benefits of the vitamin. Digestion-wise, reducing your caffeine intake can help reduce diarrhea or loose stools (and even incontinence).

While black coffee has been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes, drinking sugary coffee and caffeinated beverages actually increases the risk of diabetes. Mentally, quitting coffee or caffeine may make you feel less anxious, especially if you're prone to anxiety problems. Caffeine can be a crutch that we rely on to get through the day, but giving up caffeine or coffee breaks the cycle and frees us from the need for a daily medication to function normally. Finally, quitting smoking restores your body's tolerance to caffeine, allowing it to function really well when you really need it. Although it's generally accepted that caffeine is safe to consume in moderation, there are some solid benefits to kicking the habit. Although coffee is high in antioxidants, it would be better for people to eat more blueberries or other highly nutritious foods and focus on an overall healthier diet. Reducing your coffee consumption can also reduce visits to the bathroom and bring your production back to normal. Many research studies point to the health benefits of coffee and tea due to their antioxidant properties.

However, reducing your intake of caffeine can still bring about many positive changes in your life.

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