What is the number 1 coffee in the world?

The best coffee in the world, fast. However, if you're not familiar with fan followers, this brand knows how to captivate dark roasted coffee lovers in the coffee world. This selection is a 100% Arabica blend with beans from Guatemala, Colombia and Sumatra. It is a daring roast with a full body, a note of cinnamon and a dark chocolate finish.

These beans are 100% Arabica, native to Central and South America. It's an expensive option, but it's available in a smaller 10-ounce bag if you want to try it out before committing to paying 2 pounds. Decaffeinated coffee has a reputation for lacking flavor, but this choice may surprise you. This option is tasty black in color and resists cream and sugar well.

If you refuse to think about Robusta beans, you'll want to look for a 100% Arabica variety and not a blend. If you prefer a lighter roast or a medium-uniform roast, this coffee is not for you. For some reason, many coffee lovers have noticed a problem with stones in these beans. Just be sure to check them out before you start grinding, so that the experience doesn't force you to buy or repair an expensive coffee grinder.

Café Don Pablo Signature Blend offers a blend of 100% Arabica beans from Brazil, Guatemala and Colombia, giving it a complexity not found in single-source varieties. It is a medium to dark roasted coffee at an affordable price, making this choice a staple coffee in many homes. While offering a full body and a smooth profile, the chocolate finish gives it a pleasantly sweet aftertaste. Rounding out our list is JO Organic Whole Bean Coffee Colombian Coffee is not only organic, but it is also kosher and fair-trade certified, with the brand's desire to honor small coffee producers around the world.

This choice is 100% Arabian coffee with sweet notes of caramel and almond. With a smooth profile on a medium roast, it's sure to please coffee lovers who enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee. If you need a cup with a powerful flavor and an extremely robust experience, this is not your coffee. We were immediately attracted to A%26E Coffee Roastery when owner Emeran Langmaid contacted us a few years ago.

We love that they promote environmental stewardship and economic equity, and their shade-grown coffees have been among our favorites for years. It may come as no surprise to you that the omnipresent Starbucks is the largest coffee company in the world, generating billions of dollars in revenue every year. But some of the other names on this list aren't that obvious. Headquartered in Seattle, the brand is known for its chain of well-known coffee shops that span the globe.

How many Starbucks are there in the whole world There are 32,000 and they are located in 80 different countries. Only in the US. In the U.S., more than 75 million people visit a Starbucks every month, where they enjoy customizable coffee, pastries and small meals. Starbucks obtains coffee from major producing regions in Latin America, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

Freshly brewed coffee is still Starbucks' most popular order, but their specialty beverages are much more enthusiastic, especially seasonal favorites, such as the Pumpkin Spice Latte (. Outside their cafes, you can find roasted coffee beans from Starbucks, the popular VIA instant coffee, and bottled chilled coffee beverages at grocery stores. Headquartered in Massachusetts, Dunkin' has more than 11,000 locations around the world, in 36 different countries, and serves about 3 million people a day. They get their coffee beans from Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru, depending on the time of year.

And while the menu is extensive, thanks to the increasing focus on beverages, the most popular order is still a simple iced coffee. Founded in 1964 in Toronto, Canada, Tim Hortons is a Canadian coffee company and fast food chain named after professional hockey player Miles “Tim Horton”. They serve 100% Arabica coffee and claim that it comes from “small farmers in places like Colombia and Guatemala,” but they don't specify the details. Surprisingly, McCafé has made a strong commitment to providing quality coffees.

They only serve 100% Arabica coffee from Rainforest Alliance certified farms in South America, Central America and Indonesia. Founded in Italy in 1895, Lavazza is one of the oldest coffee companies in the world. And despite the enormous expansion of the last 100 years, it is still a family business. Like Starbucks, Caribou Coffee operates coffee shops and sells a line of coffee beans, coffee capsules and canned coffee.

They have 468 locations, all in the U.S. U.S., most of which are in their home state of Minnesota. Now, this organic fair-trade company is linked to small-scale coffee cooperatives in a dozen different countries around the world. The origins of Kona coffee date back to the 1820s, when Brazilian tree cuttings were first planted in the rich volcanic soil of that place.

Hawaii has the only commercially grown coffee beans in the United States and has the strictest regulations for coffee quality. Of course, different preparation methods will bring out different flavors of the same coffee, so play around a bit and find what you like. We also recommend Peaberry Peaberry whole wheat coffee from Volcanica Tanzania, another high-quality option that has good cream and an impressive flavor. Almost every country in Latin America exports coffee, and Brazil (5.7 billion pounds), Colombia (1.7 billion), Honduras (767 million), Mexico (515 million) and Guatemala (449 million) are among the top 10 nations in terms of annual production.

These beans move through the civet's digestive tract after being fermented in the stomach, where enzymes break down proteins that give coffee its bitter taste. To make the perfect espresso, water is heated to 190-200°F and then passed through 8 grams of coffee at 130 psi for 25 to 30 seconds. Death Wish ground coffee, which claims to be the strongest coffee in the world, mixes Arabica and robust beans to increase the dose of caffeine that coffee addicts crave so much. The result was unique, very floral, so they decided to enter it in the Best of Panama Coffee contest.

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